In The Pipeline… New THE VELVETEERS Album – Hear The Rad Lead-Single

21 July 2021

Who: Ardent trio out of Denver, Colorado playing heavy
but agile, theatrical but nuanced, grounded in rock
history but wholly idiosyncratic.

Out: 8 October 2021
Pre-order info: here

Info: Nightmare Daydream finds The Velveteers stripping down
rock and roll to its most primal elements—the riff, the rhythm,
the snarl, and rebuilding it in their own image.

“We don’t want to sound like a band from a different time. We want to
sound like a band that’s right here right now—in this very moment? ”

says singer/guitarist Demi Demitro.


Baby Pottersmith (drummer): “It’s about certain types of older guys
in music scenes who think they are charming and all that but are just
lizards trying to take advantage of you. They think they can manipulate
you to get what they want by saying a bunch of nonsense but all the while
you are aware of their true intentions and just watch as they talk themselves
deep into a ditch of delusions.”

Turn Up The Volume: The Charmer and The Snake is a funky slow-burning
up and down uppercut, fuming and spooking to a seductive and threatening
groove and exploding with force when the glam chorus hits your stereo. Watch
out, all you drooling machos out there. Don’t mess with The Velveteers, ’cause
they will kick your sexist butts. Capice?

Look in Demitro‘s eyes here…


New album NIGHTMARE DAYDREAM – out 8th October 2021 – order info here

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