Dancing In The Dark – BETH RETTIG And Her WHERE WE SLEEP Project Releases Her Stirring Debut Album

23 July 2021

Artist: WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Who: Alter ego of Beth Rettig, former
front-force of electro rock band Blindness

Released: 23 July 2021

Despite the very difficult pandemic times, with less or no help (wake up government,
wake up filthy rich mega-stars, wake up corporate record labels) for DIY indie artists,
Beth Rettig succeeds after last year’s mesmerizing and atmospheric debut EP, to
surprise us with her debut longplayer, one that will be on my headphones for quite
some time.

Beth Rettig: “It’s taken a while to get it finished and it’s been a learning curve. Most
of the album was written before the pandemic started (Missing Something and Everybody Leaves A Mark are the only ones written after the pandemic started) but it’s partly because
of the pandemic that I was able to get it together over the last year, a relatively insignificant silver lining of a dark time, I guess.”

You find everything your mind, heart, soul, and body needs for a 24-hour reality escape.
For dancing in the dark (not the Bruce Springsteen way) in the midnight hours to catchy guitar-crazy darkwave stompers (Drive / Ash and Bone), for twerking movements with
some slow-burning electro grooves ( Broken Things / This Way / Patience ) and for relaxing
at dawn with ruminant reveries (Morning Sun / Everybody Leaves A Mark / Lullabye).

The Scars They Leave evolves in a time frame between twilight and sunset. The magnetic voice of Rettig is the guiding torch. Both sensual and shadowy, haunting and hazy at times. The music feels like a cathartic exhaust valve, the words search for peace of mind.

Overall the fascinating feverishness of Chelsea Wolfe echoes in the back. Yes, intriguing, shady, and rousing. Rettig’s alter ego Where We Sleep is a comforting companion for the confusing times we all experience for so long now. Don’t miss this stirring journey.

Single/clip: Drive…

Stream/buy full album…

Written and performed* by Where We Sleep
*Guitars on Drive and Missing Something by Debbie Smith
Mixed and mastered by John Cranmer
Cover photo by Nando Carniel Machado
Artwork by Dominic Lee


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