Red-Hot-Blooded Passion With MATTER OF MIND And Their New Emo-Slam ‘TAKE IT BACK’

New sonic impulses

31 July 2021

Who: Emo rockers out of Stockport, England

New single: TAKE IT BACK

J Lambert-Philp (vocals) says: “It was one of the most cathartic songwriting experiences
we’ve had as a band to date. The song is very self-reflective whilst also acting like a mirror of someone else’s actions. It almost portrays a feeling of realising everything you thought was right, was all wrong. It goes to show that yourself and others’ actions affect each other more than most probably realise.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a fully charged outburst of red-hot-blooded passion
and a thunderous eruption of emotions. This s a massive tune with multiple layers of bulldozing guitars, manic drum punches, and a titanic vocal wall-of-energy. Check your speakers’ resilience before this boiling haymaker comes on. Impressive slam!

Take action here…


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