Shout It Out Loud For Norwegian Riot Rock Grrls THE COCKTAIL SLIPPERS – New Single ‘BE THE ONE’

Daily electricity to fuel your batteries

31 July 2021

Who: All-female rock team from Oslo, Norway
Active: since 2001 / 5 studio albums (including the
new one)

“When we’re not hanging out as a band, we’re hanging out
as friends, with and without our families.”

Produced: by Steven Van Zandt and Mike Hartung
Release: 17 September 2021 via Wicked Cool Records

New single: BE THE ONE – brand new single from the LP
About: the magic of spilling beer and falling in love.

I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I definitely like it when these riot rock grrls
throw a wild party, turn up the volume and shout it out loud. Be the One is
a vintage Cocktail Slippers jackhammer fueled by Eddie Van Halen guitars,
driven by peppery pop-punk pithiness, seasoned with sensual vocals and
served with a glam and glitter chorus.

Our troubled planet has enough of the surreal pandemic that impacts our
lives for more than 18 months now. ‘I want to break free’ sang Freddy Mercury
a long time ago. That’s exactly what we all want NOW. Time to pump our fists,
play air guitar and go ballistic. Time to feel alive again.

Right here, right here now…

Stream/buy all 6 shared singles…


New album SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! arrives on 17th September – order info here

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