ACE! ACE! ACE! – German Turbo Trio LOBSTERBOMB Released Their Chaotic Debut EP ‘GO! GO! GO!

3 August 2021

Who: Loud trio from Berlin formed in
a basement in 2020 featuring. Nico Rosch,
Vik Chi and Crayon Jones.

New EP: GO! GO! GO!
The EP approaches themes of personal introspection, desire for change
and individual growth through a lens of energetic, raw and catchy indie
garage rock. Recorded DIY style by the band and mixed by Peter Thoms
from popular German punk band Akne Kid Joe, ‘Go! Go! Go!’, examines
common feelings of frustration, doubt and fear along with a sense of
optimism that positive change is within reach.

Turn Up The Volume: After slam dunks Wake Up and I Want Noise (both
were ‘Pick Of The Day’ on TUTV!) I instantly became a fan. Why? This trio is
a sharp-cutting punk-and-roll turbo. They want noise, chaos, and danger.

So, what you get here is Bikini Kill‘s raw outcries, Courtney Love‘s glamorous
guts, B-52‘s love shack swagger, and catchy aaah-aaahh-aaaah chants. This is
a red-hot 5-track Riot Grrrl EP. Lobsterbomb are ready to go! No brakes for
these German gunslingers. You should be a fan too.

Ace! Ace! Ace!

Buy/stream Go! Go! Go! here…


Cool as fuck!

(photo by Andi Riekstina)

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