WAKE UP World – It’s Time For A Change With Screamy Trio LOBSTERBOMB

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

19 April 2021

Who: A fresh new band from the Berlin underground.
Formed in a Berlin basement in 2020 by Nico Rosch, Vik
Chi and Crayon Jones
, Lobsterbomb makes raw, energetic
and danceable indie garage rock.

Single: WAKE UP

About: “It’s is a song about overcoming the frustrations of being
trapped in a monotonous and unfulfilling routine and overcoming
the pressures society places on us to live our lives in a certain way.
The song has an urgent energy that reflects the need to change
ourselves and the world around us in a positive way, for a more
sustainable and contented future.”

Score: Third smack. Third screaming triumph. As Turn Up
The Volume
wrote when debut single Yes Yes Yeah came
on the stereo this hit and run trio combines Bikini Kill‘s rough
outcries, L7‘s detonating gusto, and B-52‘s peppery liveliness.

Give Lobsterbomb megaphones, they will
show us the way.

Start the action here…

Also on Spotify


(photo on top via the band)

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