Canadian Noise Titans METZ Explode On New ‘LIVE AT THE OPERA HOUSE’ Album

6 August 2021

Band: METZ (Toronto, Canada)
Who: A trio of noise titans based in Toronto. They spent the majority of their 11-year tenure criss-crossing the globe and bringing their unparalleled energy directly to the people. The release of their stunning 4th LP Atlas Vending last year saw the band
pushing into new sonic territory while retaining their trademark aural maelstrom.

Released: 4 August 2021
Order info: here

The band: “We were determined to find a way within the confines of the pandemic
to create a live experience that felt dynamic and let us connect with you all. So we
took to the stage in October 2020 at the Opera House in Toronto, a hometown favorite
independent venue, to livestream a performance of Atlas Vending in its entirety.”

The live performance (including two older tracks) is available on all digital service providers, with bundles at Bandcamp and Sub Pop that include also the full
concert film.

You can also order the album on tricolor black/white/oxblood vinyl on Bandcamp
and in our web stores. The LP includes a download of the film and is limited to 1,000 copies.

A taster (opening track Pulse) from the record/film…

Turn Up The Volume: To be honest, most live albums do not reflect what the artist(s) accomplish on a podium. This one is remarkably different. As I saw these wall-of-havoc crusaders multiple times, I know what they’re capable of. From the first chord on, the trio explodes as if they’re on a kamikaze mission.

They develop a slash and trash amount of illegal decibels. You actually feel the noise physically. Fact! Several times I really thought that frontman Alex Edkins would run out of oxygen. This live record reflects perfectly what you can expect when the noise titans hit the stage. They deserve the Olympic gold medal for playing till they drop. Hell Metz Yeah!

Stream/buy full album here…

METZ: FacebookAll Tour Dates 2021-2022

(Live photos by Turn Up The Volume)

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