Post Punks LIARS At Their Best On Their 10th Album ‘THE APPLE DROP’

7 August 2021

Who: Australian-American indie rock trio
Active: Since 2000 / 9 albums (so far)

New album: THE APPLE DROP – 10th LP
Out: 6 August 2021 – more info here

NME says: “To hear Angus Andrew discuss the ungoverned maelstrom of
Liars’ career – whereby a bunch of ‘00s NYC funk-punks turned to witch rock,
then to various forms of experimental electronica and dance via a myriad of
diversions along the way – you’d start believing it has its own perfect physics;
an imperceptible molecular order, a post-rock M Theory where the chaos make
sense… Andrews keeps hook-lines at the heart of the record, anchoring music
that might otherwise drift out of orbit. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke: science,
sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Even after 9 albums Angus Andrews and his team
succeed to surprise. This 10th album is full of ideas, tunes and stuff that
keeps your ears busy for a while.

Singles/clips: Sekwar / From What The Never Was




Full album…

LIARS: Facebook

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