British Indie Veterans THE CRIBS Drop A New Poppy Earworm ‘SWINGING AT SHADOWS’

14 August 2021

Who: British indie trio featuring the Jarman brothers
Active since 2001 / 8 studio albums so, far


The band has started a ‘Sonic Blew Singles Club series‘.
In the coming months the’ll issue a new 7-inch single with
2 tracks from the sessions of 2020 album Night Network .

Gary Jarman (bassist/singer) says: “Basically, after 3 years away from the road
we just ended up with SO many songs built up in the vaults that we wanted to try
doing something different and interesting with them! We had a bunch of extra tracks
from the Night Network sessions which we finished and mixed over lockdown… and
then the extra downtime led to us coming up with several new songs also. Back in
the day, we were always a band that were known for our B-sides — a concept that is
pretty much irrelevant nowadays…we know that the fans miss this, so setting up the
Sonic Blew Singles Club seemed like the ideal solution — we get to clear the vaults,
and people get a guaranteed new single plus B-side every month.”

First single is this amplified pop earworm Swinging At Shadows

THE CRIBS: Facebook

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