THE WHO Released Their Iconic Longplayer ‘WHO’S NEXT’ 50 Years Ago Today

Back in time

14 August 2021

Active: 1964–1983, 1989, 1996–1997, 1999–present
12 studio albums

Birthday album: WHO’S NEXT – 5th LP
Released: 14 August 1971 – 50 years ago today

Rolling Stone: “Who’s Next, regardless of what you may have been led
to believe to the contrary, is neither the soundtrack to the realization of
Pete Townshend‘s apparently-aborted Hollywood dream, the greatest live
album in the history of the universe, nor a, shudder, rock opera, but rather
an old fashioned long-player containing intelligently-conceived, superbly-
performed, brilliantly-produced, and sometimes even exciting rock and roll.”

Turn Up The Volume: For me, it’s the album with two of their A-number-1
singles (see/hear below) and the stirring ballads The Song Is Over and Behind
Blue Eyes

Singles: Baba O’Riley / Won’t Get Fooled Again



Full album…

THE WHO: All AlbumsWebsite

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