THE ROLLING STONES – 40 Candles And An Anniversary Issue For ‘TATTOO YOU’

20 August 2021

Active: Since 1962 / 23th (British) studio LPs

Birthday album: TATTOO YOU – 16th LP
Score: No 1 in the US, Canada, Australia and
several European countries, #2 in the UK
Released: 24 August 1981 – 40 years ago

The anniversary trailer

Anniversary issue: Including nine previously unreleased tracks on
a disc called ‘Lost & Found’. Other newly excavated cuts are a couple
of covers and a reggae version of ‘Start Me Up.’ On another disc comes
‘Still Life: Wembley Stadium London.’

One of the previously unreleased tracks is Living In The Heart Of Love

Start Mick Up…

Full original album…


More info here

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