Smells Like 60s Psych Pop Spirit – BLACK CAT REVUE Dropped Brand New Single ‘HEAVY PEACE’

New sonic impulses

21 August 2021


Who: Glaswegian psych quartet that hit the scene in 2015

New single: HEAVY PEACE
The first piece from their upcoming EP The Ballad of Django & Fuzz

Turn Up The Volume wrote on the occasion of the re-release of their EP
Fortune Favours The Strange some months ago: “This quadruple hit team
produces riff-roaring racket with the rollicking boom of 60s garage gunslingers
The Sonics. Add some Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees electricity and you know it’s
rattle and roll time.”

And the band continues to express their love for the best pop-ular decade
in history. Heavy Peace floats somewhere between the jingle jangle riffs of
The Byrds
and the moody moments of The Move (60s British hit machine with
eccentric frontman Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne who later formed ELO).

The glittering guitars, the euphonious harmonies, and the catchy melodiousness
create an eight miles high atmosphere with an intoxicating effect. Oh yeah, the
swinging 60s still rule.

Catch the vibe here…


Single (great artwork, again) available via Apple Music

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