SLOKS – Deranged Cramps Psychobilly With Three Sharp Cutting Italian Knifes

3 September 2021

Who: Three noisy outcasts from Turin, Italy with
Tony Machete (drum), Ivy Claudy (screaming/snare)
and Buddy Fuzz (strings)

Released: 3 September 2021 via Voodoo Rhythm Records

Turn Up The Volume: Problems with your demons? Get out of your straitjacket and join the wild party of illegal decibels, messed-up hullabaloo and in-your-face and in-your-ears madness right here, right now. No rest for the wicked. No rest for all you pighead punks out there, hiding in the woods. Time to come out of your caves and go mental like The Cramps did night in, night out at midnight when the bats woke up.

This rip-roaring record is a very loud and very clear proof that you don’t need a prog-rock orchestra of 20 overpaid musicians to scare your neighbors. Yes, it takes only 3 deranged gunslingers to challenge the noise-pollution police. Capisce? You betcha! Now take your sharp-cutting knife and imagine that you’re Norman Bates in Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho. Big fun guaranteed!


Stream/buy the whole shebang here…


Don’t mess with Sloks…

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