Watch Your Back MIKE SKINNER – Word Waterfall Rapper JODIE LANGFORD Is In Town With ‘I MISS IT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

3 September 2021

Who: A swirling wordsmith from the Hull / East Yorkshire area.
A shining light that speaks the truth about young people and
their feelings.

New single: I MISS IT
Produced: by Endoflevelbaddie

“A stream of consciousness monologue that expresses all those ‘in the
moment’ thoughts and feelings which make us human – elements that
have been sorely missed throughout the last 18 months of lockdowns
and social restriction.”

Turn Up The Volume: I’m pretty sure Happy Mondays’ 24-hour party
animal Shaun Ryder would have needed psychiatric help if that awful
parasite Covid-19 had struck back in the Madchester heydays. I’m also
pretty sure million of youngsters around the world had/have mental
problems as they saw/sees their glorious once-in-a-lifetime years going
down the lockdown drain.

Langford reflects these dreadful freedom-restricting sentiments verbally
well in her fresh word rap waterfall jam. An intoxicating and groovetastic
house stomper making you long even more to freak out in a cool club.

But, wait, there shines a dancing light at the end of the discotheque tunnel.
Partying is back, still restricted due to safety rules, but finally the liberating
lets-party-our-heads-off sensation is back for all hungry juveniles (and, why not,
their older bothers and sisters too). Watch your back Mike Skinner, your female
alter-ego is in town.

Shake your booty right here, club junks…

JODIE LANGFORD: TwitterSpotify

Don’t miss this word waterfall rapper…

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