LOSSLINE – Manchester Duo Is Okay And Alright On Their New Single ‘CASE HISTORY’

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20 September 2021

Who: A Manchester singer/songwriter tandem that
loves to write sad songs and collected them in their
lockdown blues debut LP called Fading Affecting Bias
last April.

New single: CASE HISTORY

When I listened to this new little pearl on Spotify for the first time, it was followed
by the title track of the upcoming LP of The War On Drugs. I swear I thought that
it was another Lossline song. It was that melancholic guitar glow that confused
my ears. It wasn’t until Adam Granduciel‘s voice came up that I knew it wasn’t the
Manchester duo.

Since their moony debut LP the pair turned up the volume slowly but surely on
the singles that followed and with Case History they show us that they’re actually
– I think – looking for a new sonic direction.

Listen here…


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