LAURA LEE & THE JETTES Nail It With Blissful Krautrock Single ‘CATERPILLAR’

New sonic strokes

22 September 2021

(Photo by Suzanne Caroline de Carrasco)

Band: LAURA LEE & THE JETTES (Germany)
Who: Laura Lee is half of Berlin-based indie duo Gurr and started
a new project now backed by the Jettes. Coming from the french word
for “to throw away“, the Jettes assemble an array of outcasts, misfits,
bandits but most of all a band and a brother-sisterhood behind LL.

From their upcoming debut LP Wasteland
out 26 November

Turn Up The Volume: This is Riot Grrl pop at its blissful best. Circling
around a sickly sticky guitar/bass riff, Caterpillar has a direct impact on
your body movements. Its ongoing Krautrock-like rhythm makes your
bloodstream go faster while Laura Lee‘s featherlight vocals fly all over
it, before a piano-resonating loop takes over until the finale. Bingo!

One problem: way too short. Solution: press the repeat button.

Let’s roll, meine Damen und Herren…


(Profile photo via FB of the band)

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