LIMP BIZKIT Return (Oh No) With New Kick-Ass Groover (Oh Yeah)

New striking strokes

1 October 2021

Band: LIMP BIZKIT (Jackson, Florida)
Who: Businessman Fred Durst’s hobby project
Active: 1994-present / 5 studio albums (so far), with
2011 full lenght Gold Cobra as the most recent one

New album: Still rumours circling
that a sixth LP is in the making

New single: DAD VIBES
First new track since the 2014
single Endless Slaughter

Turn Up The Volume: I never liked Limp Bizkit. To my ears they
just wanted to be the white Rage Against The Machine and jumped
on every crossover bandwagon. But hey, I just heard the new single
Dad Vibes and my ears were flapping like crazy.

Not that Durst suddenly invented a new wheel, but as
I said my ears flapped without pause. Yes, LB rock!

“Check out your dad with the swag on the floor
Momma gonna brag when I walk in the door
Y’all ain’t ever seen a guerrilla in the mist
Walk the line so fine with a blindfold”

Listen and start groovin’…

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