Take The Money And Run – JACK WHITE Shares Track Written For A ‘Call Of Duty’ Video Game

New striking strokes

19 October 2021

Blues-rock titan JACK WHITE made it crystal clear on
several occasions that he detests modern technology
unless there’s a lot of money involved.

His new single TAKING ME BACK ignites the promo
rollout of a new Call Of Duty game, out 5 November.

But I’ll be honest. The track is a notable brainbreaker.
Schizophrenic synths, deranged guitars, and Jack White’s
jagged voice. Sounds like a video game crashing down like
an airplane. Bingo!

Here’s the call of duty

Ps: Back in 2006 he already took a lot of money
and ran after he wrote a very lucrative song for
a Coca-Cola commercial.

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