Aphex Twin In Disguise – Sound-Exploring Artist HANNYA WHITE Dropped New Single ‘WANNA SEE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 October 2021

Who: Musician/modern art painter and video maker,
based in London creating an unusual combination of
the playful and the dystopian

New single: WANNA SEE

Last March this versatile London artist released her
enigmatic and experimental 4-track NO PREVIEW.

Chaotic music for chaotic minds in chaotic times”
wrote Turn Up The Volume.

With her new single Wanna See continues her sound-exploring search.
Here she fuses symphonic instrumentation with deep-bass-resonating
synth turbulence. Trippy, dissonant and even claustrophobic when short
fragments of White‘s restless breathing emerge somewhere in there.

The ongoing pizzicato violin play adds both an airy and eerie timbre.
I have no idea what the totally silent outro with some echoes of (what
seems to be) firecrackers in the very end, is about. What I do know is
that the first thought that crossed my mind when hearing this, was:
Aphex Twin is back, in disguise.

Stream/buy ‘Wanna See’ here…


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