THE WEDDING PRESENT – Indie Heroes Share The First Piece Of 24 Songs To Come

New striking strokes

Who: Surviving indie rockers from
Leeds (UK) led by mastermind David Gedge
Active: 1985–1997, 2004–present / 9 studio LPs

New album: 24 SONGS
WP celebrate the 30th birthday of their Hit Parade LP – a compilation
of 12 singles, released as 7″inch for 12 consecutive months- with a new
compilation of 24 tracks this time (A & B sides).

David Gedge: “Welcome to our fantastic new adventure! Yep, you heard it right, a new piece
of shiny vinyl every month for a year, starting in January. Sound familiar? Well, after 30 years, I felt like it was time for another go! And, as if 24 Wedding Present songs wasn’t enough… each of the records will come in a beautifully designed sleeve featuring brutalist photography by Jessica McMillan. And there’ll be a collector’s box to put them all in, too. We’re immensely proud of this series and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.”

Release as a 7″ in January 2022
B-side: Don’t Give Up Without A Fight

Gedge invited Louise Wener, frontwoman of early 90s indie band Sleeper (still going strong today) for the kick-off of this new project. It’s an instantly recognizable WP tune,
but also instantly sticking, with lovey-dovey duet vocals.

Here‘s the audio clip…


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