KING BLACK ACID Is On A Mission – He Wants To Get You High

Daily electricity to load your batteries

26 October 2021

Artist: KING BLACK ACID (Portland, Oregon)

Who: A collective of musical misfits who are arranged and orchestrated by
founding member Daniel Riddle With his projects, he has toured and shared
the stage with Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Low, Moby, Sonic Youth, The Dandy Warhols,
Faith No More, Dead Moon, Menomena, Arctic Monkeys
and many others since
hitting the scene back in 1993.

References: The Killers, Cheap Trick, Arctic Monkeys and Queen.


Turn Up The Volume: These are the tantalizing tunes that stick like first-class
glue from the very moment they blast out of your shivering speakers. Oh yeah,
this mid-tempo glam bam banger affects your body movements from the get-go.
You can whistle along, hum along, and sing/scream along while your feet tap and
your head moves up and down.

This is dope stuff to get you 8 miles high so
you can see Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

The king is dead, long live the king…

KING BLACK ACID: Facebook – Discography

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