Leipzig’s Pysch Team FLYING MOON Remixed In SPACE

New striking strokes…

1 November 2021

(photo by Walther Le Kon)

Who: Psych-synth explorers from Leipzig, Germany

New single: THE OBSERVER remixed by New York City’s
noise junks A Place To Bury Strangers

Info: Last year FMIS released their splendid self-titled debut LP.
To keep the music alive the band decided to have 6 of its 8 tracks
remixed by Xiu Xiu, Suuns, Camera, Minami Deutsch, Warm Graves and
A Place To Bury Strangers (they released their new spooky EP, titled
Hologram last July) who had their hands on first taster, The Observer.

The remix EP arrives on January 28th and is set to be
released digitally and on 12” vinyl by Fuzz Club Records.

If you’re familiar with A Place To Bury Strangers you know that these
graveyard noiseniks prefer night to day, darkness to brightness and
surreality to reality. They vaccinated The Observer with their trademark
Gothesque duskiness turning The Observer into a haunting electro missile
speeding towards a crashing climax. Synth-fuck-tastic!

Join the supersonic ride here…


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