DAVID BYRNE Still Performs His Succesful ‘AMERICAN UTOPIA’ Show On Stage In New York City

Former Talking Head chief David Byrne has realized
a grand solo career since he asked himself what a psycho
killer was all about.

So far he fabricated 10 solo albums (2 more than with Talking
), but also collaborative LPs with Brian Eno and St. Vincent.

Three years ago his most recent album American Utopia came out.
I wonder if he already had the plan back then to stage a very successful
Broadway show – mix of poetry, dance, music – in New York City centered
around that album a year later, leading to a recording of the whole show.
It attracted so many accolades and visitors that the show returned and
is currently playing at St. James Theater.

To celebrate the triumphant production he appeared with his dance band, once
again, on American TV a couple of days ago playing/performing an ecstatic version
of I Zimbra, the opening track of the Heads’ astonishing 1979 LP Fear Of Music.

Shake your pelvis, folks…

The full Broadway show…


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