Smells Like Berlin Punk Spirit – THE TRASH CRAWLERS Want You To Buzz Off!

Daily electricity to load your batteries

5 November 2021

Who: Steamed-up punk gang from Berlin

The closing whopper of their recent
6-firecrackers EP Buzz Off!

Turn Up The Volume: I didn’t know that Amy Taylor, the full-red-blooded
frontwoman (I fell in love the moment I saw her going nuts live, two years ago)
of Australian hit team, Amyl And The Sniffers has a twin sister. Yes, this scorching
Berlin gang’s blond front punkette looks terrifically alike and sneers and spits with
the same giddy gusto and goddamn guts. And her band matches the razor-sharp
cutting riff ravage of the Sniffers. Get the rowdy picture? You’ll love this smelly trash.

Alert your neighbors before you play this stonking sucker punch and before you
start banging your poor head against the kitchen door. On second thought, invite
your neighbors and let them smash your kitchen door so you can save yourself
from a painful concussion.

Hallelujah! Kick out the jams!

Right here, right now…

Want more havoc?
Buzz off…


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