Barbed Wire Post Punk Passion – FOXX BODIES Burn And Boil On New LP ‘VIXEN’

9 November 2021

Who: L.A. outfit that represents a new direction of punk/politically-driven
music, a sound that is urgent, clever, energetic, and above all, important.

New album: VIXEN – 2nd longplayer

“Vixen is, in so many ways, a story about coming to terms with yourself. It only made sense
that the band would have to do just that while weathering a pandemic before finally releasing this album into the world. Foxx Bodies’ music has always been about the combat of survival, which singer Bella Vanek has never been shy about. She can be found just about anywhere sharing her own struggles with mental illness, eating disorders, sexual abuse, or… really whatever most people are afraid to say out loud…

Vanek makes her trauma sound dangerously intriguing, singing about her life in such a
startling and honest way that it makes you examine your own ideas of mental illness, gender, and trauma. Marry that with Moses’ salty, surfy licks, Bucholz’s elaborate fills, [Matt] Vanek’s infectious baselines, and it’s all over. The four desert punks meld together to bring a magnetic, dramatic air to each song, delivering romping punk and the occasional piercing scream. ”

Turn Up The Volume: This is a volcanic post-punk loaded record, with outspoken,
in your face Amazon Bella Vanek‘s exorcistic eruptions send shivers down your spine. from start to finish. She attacks her damaging demons viciously with bloodcurdling spit and sneer vociferousness (Bad Kid / Wind / BPD). Her sucker punch passion is overwhelming and armed with barbed wire. Her primal screams make your body temperature rise and trigger you to explore your own pain threshold while fighting your petrifying psyche.

Mind you, when Foxx Bodies slows down (Monsurf Club / Hospital / Vixen / Anthem)
the heart-whole tension cuts even deeper as if Kurt Cobain’s tormented ghost wandered
around in the studio. And when the boiling band roars, riffs, and rolls (Runaway / Breakfast / Room) I see manic moshpits happen in my mad mind.

I can’t remember hearing so many goosebumps causing catharsis and abreaction
on record. Absolutely-fucking-inspiring for all hurt hearts troubled souls. Listen up Courtney Love, you can retire definitely now, Foxx Bodies are the real deal.

To hell with all LGBT haters!

Singles/clips: Bad Kid / BPD / Runaway / Room


– BPD –


– ROOM –

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