Post-Lockdown Dancefloor Ecstasy With Brooklyn Duo FAKE DAD And Their New Single ‘I LIKE THE BEACH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 November 2021

Who: Electropop duo Josh Ford and Andrea de Varona letting
us know from their Brooklyn apartment/studio that everything
is going to be okay.

New single: I LIKE THE BEACH

Fake Dad: “We’re really pumped to share this single with you! It feels like
the start of a new era for us and we’re really hopeful about the future.”

Turn Up The Volume: Everything is not virus-free okay yet, but at least
the awful freedom-blocking lockdown crisis is behind us. I’m sure many
of us will appreciate and experience things – big and small – in life with
another, deeper intensity after the deadly pandemic. That’s exactly what
Fake Dad celebrates here… love, hope and faith. Let’s join them at the beach
and dance ecstatically with our loved ones to their new electro-disco banger
’till we’re dizzy.

Get up, stand up, clap your
hands and shake your hips.

Right here, right now…

FAKE DAD: Instagram

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