JOHNNY MARR Launches Two Brand New Pieces From Upcoming Double Album

New striking strokes

9 November 2021

Who: The former musical director
of indie icons The Smiths
Solo albums: 4 (including the new one)

New album: FEVER DREAMS PTS 1-4
Release: 25 February 2022 – more info here

Marr: “There’s a set of influences and a very broad sound that I’ve been
developing – really since getting out of The Smiths until now, and I hear
it in this record. There are so many strands of music in it. We didn’t do
that consciously, but I think I’ve got a vocabulary of sound. And I feel very
satisfied that I’ve been able to harness it.”

A few weeks ago Marr gave us the first single, glittery pop power punch
Spirit Power And Soul and now our ears get spoiled with two other
new pieces. Two excitatory tunes, with instantly appealing hooks and
upbeat choruses. Check them out below…




(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

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