ALICE ‘In Chains’ GLASS Drops Thunderous Electro Goth Slam From Debut Solo LP

New striking strokes

8 December 2021

(Artwork album)

Who: Canadian singer/songwriter who was electro act
Chrystal Castles‘ voice for 8 years. She left in 2014 and
started writing solo material.

Debut album: PREY///IV
After an EP and some stand-alone tracks Glass finally
finished her solo debut full length. It lands on 28 January
2022 via Eating Glass Records.

Artwork new single

After lead-single Baby Teeth we get another piece.
FAIR GAME is a thunder and lighting Goth slam.
Theatrical and mean. Beware, she’ll put a spell on you!

“I’m so embarrassed for you
I’m so embarrassed for us
You ruined everything for us
Everybody laughs behind your back.”

Unchain Alice here…


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