English Engine LOVE MALISON Attacks Boredom With Steamy Sledgehammer ‘CABIN FEVER’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

10 December 2021

Band: LOVE MALISON (England)

Who: Fresh noiseniks who came together right
before COVID hit, producing a fundamentally alt-rock
sound with an emphasis on catchy pop hooks and
grunge/metal intensity.

New single: CABIN FEVER

Turn Up The Volume: You know, when boredom tears you apart
it’s often a motivator to break down the state of your numb mind
with something explosive, something exorcistic. And when you’re
a bored band with a greedy lust for life like these up-and-coming
outcasts you do the job with a sharp-cutting uppercut like this.

Cabin Fever is a rabid release of frustration, an obstreperous discharge.
A punked-up, fired-up, steamed-up sledgehammer. 115 seconds of spitting
and sneering. When this sonic pandemonium blasts out of your trembling
stereo your day will never be the same again, nor will it be for your neighbors.

Hell bloody wham-bam hell…


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