Back To Their Country Rock Roots – NEIL YOUNG AND CRAZY HORSE With New Album ‘BARN’

12 December 2021

Album: BARN

Released: 10 December 2021
More info: here

Young: “We are so happy to be back in the barn. A barn built to replicate
the 1850s barn that had collapsed in exactly the same place, high in the
mountains of Colorado.”

NME says: Rugged and rural beauty, with a sense of hope There’s
a cracked and weary charm to the rock’n’roll veteran’s latest outing,
an album that deftly navigates the personal and political.”
Full review here. Score 4/5.

TURN UP THE VOLUME: Barn sounds like a 70s lost album. Solid country
rock as we know it, but too familiar. After 40 albums there’s a big chance
you will repeat yourself sometimes, this is what happens here too and it
already happened before with Young & Crazy Horse. As much as I am
a devoted Young fan, this is just an okay LP.

Singles/clips: Songs Of The Seasons / Welcome Back



Stream full album on Spotify…

NEIL YOUNG: Facebook

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