Hallelujah! Ding Dong Time With Holy Cover Duo TOYAH And ROBERT FRIPP

14 December 2021

Who better than stand-up and sit-down comedians TOYAH
and King Crimson legend ROBERT FRIPP to entertain us with
some welcome Xmas hilarity.

Being a YouTube sensation for more than a year now, the everlasting
lovey-dovey couple started it all with their Sunday Lunch sessions when
getting bored and frustrated during that depressing lockdown last year.

This week’s Xmas’ carol interpretation of Ding Dong Time Merrily On High
is their best gut-busting performance – to my eyes and ears – they ever

Absolutely facetious! Ridiculously funny!

Jingle your bells for the sexy Holy Toyah Mary and Santa Fripp

TOYAH: Facebook

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