LET’S EAT GRANDMA Wish You A Happy New Year With A Disco Stomper

New striking strokes

4 January 2022

Who: Dream pop duo from Norwich UK,
comprising Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth.

Their third studio album Two Ribbons lands in April release.
But first a standalone single called HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Walton: “I wrote ‘Happy New Year’ after a breakdown between Jenny
and me, that lasted for a long period of time, to communicate to her
how important she is to me and how our bond and care for each other
goes much deeper than this difficult time. I used the setting of New Year

as both an opportunity for reflection, looking back nostalgically through
childhood memories that we shared, and to represent the beginning
of a fresh chapter for us.”

2022 starts here for Let’s Eat Grandma
with this disco stomper…


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