Dream Pop Elegance With Belgian Duo GRAMMONTH

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 January 2022

Who: Belgian duo – Stijn Mergan and Sam Enthoven – both fans
of big names such as Wilco, Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, Oasis,
The Beatles, Neil Young, John Frusciante
among others.

New single: HOW TO BREATHE
Only their second release.

Turn Up The Volume: The smooth pop elegance of Kevin Parker
(Tame Impala), the mellow vocality of Adam Granduciel (The War Drugs)
and his twinkling guitar play to end this sweet little pearl. Sonic dreaming
at its finest with a tantalizing tune that gets under your skin, slowly but
surely. Majestic.

You can breathe here…

On Spotify


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