Vancouver’s Indie Band DESTROYER Canned New Album – Hear First Single ‘TINTORETTO, IT’S FOR YOU’

12 January 2022

Who: Indie popsters from Vancouver fronted
by singer-songwriter Dan Bejar
Active: Since 1995 / 13 studio LPs including new one

Out: 25 March 2022 – order info here

Press info:“Destroyer’s new full-length brims with mystic and intoxicating terrain,
the threads of Dan Bejar’s notes woven through by a trove of allusions at once eerily familiar and intimately perplexing. The record circuitously draws ever inward, each turn offering giddy surprise, anxious esoterica, and thumping emotionality at equal odds.”


Bejar: “I had an idea of writing a couple lines on the idea of ‘mystery’ and ‘going
nowhere,’ as they are two of my favorite themes. Also wanted to write on the romance
of terror.”

I’m not really sure why this new piece is for medieval Venetian painter Tintoretto.
Anyway, the track is a wayward, yet groovy tune with lively piano play, some horns
in the end, and Bejar intimidating voice rolling over the vibey beats. Weird as ever.

Press play and listen/watch…

Artwork new album

DESTROYER: Facebook – All Albums

(Image on top: cover of their previous, 2020 album ‘Have We Met’)

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