To Hell With The Pandemic… Here Come Toronto Rockers AUS!Funkt With Rolling Ripper ‘INFORMATION OH YEAH!’

New striking strokes

27 January 2022

Band: AUS!Funkt
Who: Toronto based art-disco/post-punk quartet

From their fresh 4-track EP Post-Stagnation

“The song conjures the computer-nerd New Wave idiosyncrasies of DEVO
or Talking Heads, and brings in some dark, dance-y New Order elements.
Then, as soon as the listener has become accustomed to that particular vibe,
the song morphs into a driving ’90s techno hypnosis with energetic female vocals.
It’s both a journey and a mishmash of all the elements that have led us here,
and even though it’s overlapping and trippy, it’s ultimately a ton of fun.”


Information YEAH!
Regurgitation YEAH!
Information YEAH!
Information YEAH!
No inspiration YEAH!
Rumination YEAH!

Turn Up The Volume says…

Rolling rock YEAH!
Swirling shock YEAH!
Crazy coldcock YEAH!
Round-the-clock YEAH!
Chock-a-block YEAH!
Knacker knock YEAH!

Here comes the electroshock

AUS!Funkt: Facebook – Instagram

(photo via Eric Alper PR)

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