Psychedelic Guitar Frenzy With GRAMPFATHER And New Single ‘GRAMPPAPPIES

Daily electricity to load your batteries

29 January 2022

Who: An eclectic rock band based out of Kingston NY,
whose material traverses a variety of rock genres, such
as indie, garage, punk, psych, chill, and thrash.

From the band’s 6th studio LP Gramppappies,
out on 25th February

James Kwapisz (guitar and vocals): “I wrote ‘Murder Hornets’ as a follow-up to our 2020 album ‘Magnum Grampus,’ our thrash album. What with the pandemic and all the blaring social injustices that came to define 2020, the news of incoming murder hornets just seemed like such a cartoonish cherry on top of all the misery and dread. Although the album starts off where ‘Magnum Grampus’ ends, the new album, ‘Gramppappies’ does get more hopeful as it progresses.”

Turn Up The Volume: It all starts with a raucous jangly groove and a bluesy harmonica
in the back. But after 60 seconds the fever rises, the speed goes up, and raving mad guitars cause fireworks all over the place. All burners on! High-strung vocals amplify this belter’s nervousness while working its way to a 60s psychedelia-charged finale. You’ll be
out of breath in the end. Striking stroke! Holy cow!

Press play here…


New album GRAMPPAPPIES out 25 February 2022 – More info here

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