Foot-Tapping Electro Pop Thrill – London Musician RODNEY CROMWELL With New Single ‘OPUS THREE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 February 2022

Who: London musician combining melody, acerbic lyrics and
electronic sounds delivered via a set of knackered synths.

New single: OPUS THREE

This is, after Perception Management, the second piece
Cromwell shares from his upcoming album Memory Box.

“It’s about two lovers on the brink of apocalypse, separated by distance
and lost in time, trying to find positivity in a world where there is little.”

Turn Up The Volume: Easy-going tunes like these are the ones you can play
in the morning, in the evening, and a couple of times in between to boost your
mood all day long. Opus Three has that instant foot-tapping and hip-shaking effect
that New Order caused for years now with their Ibiza nightclub thrills.

There’s a lot of BS going on in our pandemic dominated world right now, so why
not put our brains on hold for a couple of minutes and enjoy some moments of
mindless joy.

Right here, right now…


New album MEMORY BOX out 18 March 2022 via Happy Robot Records

(photo vie Shameless Promotion PR)

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