Amazing Artwork! THE DAMNED 40 Years Ago

Only for your eyes

Who: Infamous London punks who jumped on the scene in 1976 with the by now legendary line-up featuring singer Dave Vanian (David Lett), bassist Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns), guitarist Brian James (Brian Robertson) and Rat Scabies (Christopher Millar).

Artwork: Cover of their fifth LP STRAWBERRIES
released 40 years ago this year (15 October 1982).

Dave Vanian (frontman): “We were playing a lot of new material, and we had an audience that didn’t want to hear about anything, they just wanted to hear “Neat Neat Neat” and “New Rose,” nothing else. And they wanted to just smash everything. And they weren’t interested in hearing music at all. So at one point, I turned around and said, ‘It’s like giving strawberries to
a fucking pig, this gig, you know?’ And that stuck in our minds, and we used it”.





2022 Tour
(With original line-up)

THE DAMNED: All Albums – Facebook

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