Sonic Music Junkie THURSTON MOORE Drops New Instrumental Trance Album ‘SCREEN TIME’

7 February 2022

Ex-Sonic Youth icon THURSTON MOORE is a 24/7 sonic music junkie releasing lots of new and old stuff lately, mostly via his Bandcamp account, with 2020 album By The Fire as the most notable output (one of his best solo efforts ever in my book) and some remarkable one-off instrumental pieces in 2021.

Another full-length work of 2020 summer labour called SCREEN TIME was released in February last year as a Bandcamp Friday exclusive, but the album is now getting a proper release (CD and Vinyl) on February 25 via Southern Lord (already available now, digitally,
on BC.)

Southern Lord(record label) says: “‘Screen Time’ is a record in reflection
to dream time, a state of meditation, hypnagogia and pillow talk”

Turn Up The Volume: I never thought Moore would make a record that
calms me down, that triggers my dream-away thoughts, that makes me
think of Indian legend Ravi Shankar playing a regular guitar instead of a
sitar. Well, Moore does it with this one.

Start your trance here…


Pre-order via Southern Lord

(photo Thurston Moore: cover of his ‘By The Fire’ album)

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