Amazing Artwork! Cover Of New LAIBACH Album

Eye-catching artwork of records

8 February 2022

Who: A Slovenian avant-garde music collective associated with industrial, martial,
and neo-classical genres, formed in the mining town of Trbovlje (in ex-Yugoslavia)
in 1980. ‘Laibach’ is the German historical name for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.
Active: Since 1980 / 10 studio LPs (so far)

Artwork: The cover of new album Wir Sind Das Volk, out 25 March. Order info here.

The LP features music from the theatrical play Wir sind das Volk (“We are the People”) based upon the writings by the late German dramatist/poet/writer Heiner Müller which premiered in Berlin 2 years ago and in Slovenia last year.

Heiner Müller about the production back then: “As soon as the word ‘Volk’ (nation, people) appears, I become suspicious. I understood very well why Brecht always insisted on the word ‘population, people’ instead of ‘nation’. The rallies that chanted “We are a nation” and established themselves as a political entity in 1989, at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, did not sound unjustified at the time. Since then, the term “Volk/nation” has undergone profound political changes – not only in Germany, but in Europe, the United States and the world. The ethnic potential of the “nation” was revealed again, making it an instrument of nationalist and racist exclusion. In a kind of global regression, populists (right-wing, but also left-wing) united
in a phantasm of ethnic, cultural or religious homogeneity.”

Laibach: “We followed Heiner Müller’s own strategy of cutting and rearranging the material, taking his texts and putting it into another context, rebooting it with music, in order to drag the audience into it or alienate them from it. Music unlocks the emotions and is therefore a great manipulative tool and a powerful propagandistic weapon. And that’s why a combination of Heiner Müller, who saw theatre as a political institution, and Laibach, can be nothing else but
a musical.”

The album’s artwork is taken from the Epiphany series by visual Austrian-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein. It’s one of his most famous works. The painting reflects on two
of the central themes of his work: Childhood and National Socialism.

Here’s a piece of the upcoming LP…

LAIBACH: Bio – Facebook

(Band photo: from the cover of their 2021 live album ‘We Forge The Future’)

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