ALICE In Horrorland – Former Crystal Castle Impresses With Dark Debut Album ‘PREY///IV’

22 February 2022

Who: Canadian singer/songwriter who was electro
act Chrystal Castles‘ voice for 8 years. She left in
2014 to start her solo trip.

Debut album: PREY///IV
Released: 18 February 2022 – Order info here

NME: “The unbreakable artist has reemerged from the wreckage of her former band,
Crystal Castles, with a lazer-focused, brutally honest solo debut… As well as functioning
as a pun, the title of Alice Glass’ debut solo album ‘PREY//IV’ is a strong statement.

Continuing with the Roman numeral naming-scheme used on the three albums she released with former electroclash band Crystal Castles, it’s a clear middle finger in the direction of her ex-collaborator Ethan Kath, whom she accused of abuse and manipulation (which he denies)… An astoundingly honest, and at times brutal, listen, ‘PREY//IV’ still ends on a note of hope.” Score: 4/5.

Alice Glass (in an interview with NME): “If I could take a pill and erase all my memories, I would. I didn’t think I would be here – I thought I’d be dead for sure. I was very suicidal as a teenager and young person… There’s so much suffering in the world, and I bring [up my difficult experiences] now because, in a weird way, every time I open up about this, somebody writes me or sends a really nice message where they can relate to what I’m saying. It’s been really helpful for me psychologically to put things out. That’s what this record is like for me: I’m going to put my pain out into the world and then I don’t own it anymore.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME: Black electro-pop. Industrial hits and drones.
Excorcistic escapes. Alice in horrorland. Transfixing and nerve-racking.

Singles/clips: Fair Game / Baby Teeth / Love Is Violence




Stream/buy full album here on Bandcamp…

ALICE GLASS: Facebook – PREY///IV on Spotify

(Image on top: cover of album / Other image: cover of ‘Baby Teeth’ singlle)

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