Happy 80 To Rolling Stone BRIAN JONES

28 February 2022

Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones was born on 28 February 1942,
in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. He would have
celebrated his 80th birthday today.

Jones was the founder (in 1962) of one of the biggest rock groups ever,
for which he also invented the name (I wonder if there’s anybody on this
planet who has never heard of The Rolling Stones).

He was a multi-instrumentalist, always hungry for new instruments and
also the creative stone who wanted the band to take a more adventurous

Unfortunately, he lost himself in a destructive amount of drugs and alcohol.
He drowned, under the influence of damaging stuff, in his pool in 1969. He
was only 27.

Three great Brian Jones moments…

With Jones on sitar

Jones playing his iconic VOX Teardrop Guitar

– Short docu about HIS GUITARS

BRIAN JONES: Biography

(Image on top: Cover of 2020 documentary Life and Death of Brian Jones)

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