New Documentary ‘WAKE UP PUNK’ Feat. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD And Her Son Comes Out In May

15 March 2022

Vivienne Westwood (aged 80), punk-fashion artist and widow of the late New York
and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren stars alongside her son Joe Corré in
a new documentary called WAKE UP PUNK.

The docu is directed by Nigel Askew who says:“’Wake Up Punk was ignited because
of the establishment’s misappropriation of Punk, a fightback from the heart of the

In 2016 Joe Corré, torched an alleged five million quids worth of punk memorabilia.
Older punks were to collectively lose their shit and the media described the event
as a senseless stunt by an agent provocateur. This event was the inspiration for
a retrospect of the essence pf punk back then, but also now.

Westwood 10 years ago…

The official release is on 9th May in Glasgow.

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