Irish Maverick SKINNER Will Get You Out Of Your SLUMP

New striking strokes

23 March 2022

Who: DIY slouch rock musician based in Dublin, Ireland, who writes,
records and produces songs about growing up and overcoming a
dirt-flecked 21st century existence.

References: The B52s, James Chance and the Contortions,
ESG, Pixies and Morphine
Releases (so far): Gunge EP featuring his 5 first singles

New Single: THE SLUMP

Turn Up The Volume: The combination of a nasty Gang Of Four bass riff,
frenzied Keith Levene guitars here and there and Skinner hip-hop-rapping
like Beck used to do works like an ecstatic upper.

This funk-punk stunner has an immediate intensifying impact on all of your
limbs and your bloodstream’s flow. Add some sexy sax thrills to the mix and
you’ll have all you need to jump out of your slump. Capice?

Make your move here…

Buy THE SLUMP here via bandcamp…

SKINNER: Facebook

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