A Rap Rush Of Blood To The Head – JODIE LANGORD Rages On Her Brand New Uppercut ‘TV OR NOT TV’

New striking strokes

28 March 2022

Who: A swirling wordsmith from
the Hull / East Yorkshire area

New single: TV OR NOT TV

JODIE: “It’s a stark contrast to the positive ’coming together’ message that I Miss It championed. I see this release as a powerful attack on the media platforms that negatively portray the youth of today while they struggle to keep things together. For me, I’ve built my craft as a spoken word artist by pointing out injustices in the world, at the hands of powerful governments and the control of the richest 1%. I’m really excited to see how this track is received after the upbeat message of I Miss It”.

Turn Up The Volume: After the piano intro (sounds like the theme tune of classic
horror-thriller Halloween) Langford rages with barbed wire temper towards the
supersonic chorus that resonates like hardcore rap.

This aggressive brainbreaker is a rushing rollercoaster, swinging forth and back
with grim impetus until the gloomy synth climax makes way for that ominous
piano fragment again. TV or not TV, that’s the question?

The answer is easy. To hell with the relentless idiocy of reality TV stars and influencers constantly putting pressure on growing minds to behave in ways unattainable to most.

Check out the rant here…

Also on Spotify

JODIE LANGFORD: Instagram – Twitter

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