With Tommy Shelby In Her Head – ANNA CALVI On A Roll On New Pumped-Up Single ‘AIN’T NO GRAVE’

New striking strokes

6 April 2022

Born Anna Margaret Michelle Calvi
41 years ago in London
Who: Celebrated singer/songwriter/guitarist
Active: Since 2005 / 3 studio LPs so far, with
Hunter as the most recent, released in 2018

Features two covers (Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand
and Bob Dylan’s All The Tired Horses)
Out: 6 May 2022
An EP inspired by Tommy Shelby, the main character
of famous gangster series Peaky Blinders for which
she wrote several songs.

First track: AIN’T NO GRAVE

Calvi: “I’ve been living in the character of Tommy Shelby for years now. The only way to write for this show is to get inside his head — I’ve dreamed about him every night for months, and when I pick up my guitar I try to play to his inner thoughts. My guitar is his violence and my voice is his hope. I always felt he should have “a song” that sums him up — he’s the ultimate antihero — murderous, cold, terrifying, and yet has a deep love for his family and a naive childlike hope that he will one day rise above it all.”

My, oh my! Calvi rocks out with punchy potency on this whisking wallop.
With feverish vocals, she rolls over that good old, irresistible Batman theme.

My, oh my. And when she lets her guitar go berserk
I know I’ll have this pumped-up stonker on repeat
multiple times.

Let’s go…

ANNA CALVI: Facebook

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