Smells Like Saturday Night Fever Spirit At The Hot WARMDUSCHER Spot

7 April 2022

Who: Steamy post-punk-funk
misfits coming out of London

New album: AT THE HOT SPOT – their 4th full lenght
Out: 1 April 2022 – more info here

Bella Union (new label):“Written over a period of over a year in lockdown, At the Hotspot, produced by Joe Goddard and Al Doyle of Hot Chip, takes the raucous energy Warmduscher solidified on their critically acclaimed 2019 release Tainted Lunch, and injects it with a slightly more polished, ‘80s funk sound, kind of like stumbling home to your squatted loft after a drunken night at the local disco. It’s crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside, and might
be the most immediately enjoyable music Warmduscher have ever graced us with.

DIY Magazine says: At the heart of ‘At the Hotspot’, though, is a reminder that for all of their eccentricities, Warmduscher remain a tight garage-rock outfit – just one that isn’t afraid to wander down some stylistic rabbit holes. Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: I think a Saturday Warmduscher Fever Night evolves like this. It starts with sensual foreplay ambiance and a couple of drinks at the bar (Live At The Hotspot / Hot Shot / Super Cool), continues with a trio of temperature-boosters (Fatso / Five Star Rated / Double Vision) and then explodes into a fuckin’ Sly Stone orgasm riot with Eight Minute Machine , Twitchin’ In The Kitchen and Double Vision. Afterward, you can relax with a tasty cigarette (Greasin’ Up Jesus). How was it for you?

Singles/clips: Wild Flowers / Twitchin’ In The Kitchen / Fatso




Buy/stream ‘At The Hot Spot’ here…


WARMDUSCHER: Facebook – All Albums on Bandcamp

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