Mean Herculean Rock Machine CROWS Rage And Roll On Their Second Album ‘BEWARE BELIEVERS’

16 April 2022

Who: Post-punk 4-piece from London

The follow-up to their smoking debut
LP Silver Tongues (2019).

Released: April 1st – Bad Vibrations Records

James Cox (frontman): “The majority of the themes on the album came from what was going on in the world around in summer 2019, Covid wasn’t in our lives and the biggest impact was Brexit and the madness our government were putting us through. I was reading a lot of J.G. Ballard and Kurt Vonnegut whilst all this craziness was going on around us and it was a weird headspace to get into.”

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Turn Up The Volume: Back in 2016 Crows blew my mind when they played a small club
gig in my hometown of Ghent, Belgium. A memorable one cemented in the aural side of my
brain. The immense intensity and their frenetic furiosity were no less than jaw-dropping. On Beware Believers, their high-powered passion is still intact and its sizzling sound evolved further into a mean Herculean rock machine.

Blistering hammer blows like Garden Of England, Slowly Separate, and Room 156 are already noted in my end-of-the-year list of best 2022 knockouts. And reflective reality checks like the Joy Division-esque Healing, Moderation, Wild Eyed & and Loathsome, and the fucktastic Meanwhile have the sonic vehemence to burn holes in your stereo.

Raging ad roaring all the way. Big tunes, big emotions, big scores.

This 2nd album strengthens Crows‘ already significant position in the British post-punk rebirth of the past gloomy years, with bands such as Shame, Black Midi, Ditz, Black Honey, Black Country New Road, Lice and The Mysterines. Beware and believe me, Crows is here to stay.

Singles/clips: Slowly Separate / Garden Of England / Room 156



– ROOM 156 –

Stream/buy album here…

CROWS: Facebook – Spotify

See you in Brussels on Monday, crows…

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