Feverish Fervidness With Ontario Rockers PACIFIC ESTATE And New Single ‘REMEDY’

New striking strokes

18 April 2022

Who: Formed in 2013 by a few bright-eyed high school kids.
They naturally evolved into one of Ontario’s premier up and
coming indie rock acts.

New single: REMEDY
2nd of 4 singles coming up.

“Remedy is the sonic embodiment of losing control of your mind. It’s a hook
driven rock song with catchy choruses and a groovy baseline, propped up by
dissonant lyrics. The song walks you through the somber existence of silently
coping with panic and anxiety while trying to act like nothing’s wrong. It’s an
honest first person narration of finding yourself at rock bottom and trying
desperately to put the pieces of yourself back together.”

Turn Up The Volume: Back in January these temperamental Ontario
rockers impressed with the kicks and thrills injected single Millennial.

And this new one confirms what Pacific Estate is very good at,
creating avid anthems filled with emotive eagerness and feverish

Setback and depression led to this heart-and-soul stirring
cry out with the heavy-hearted chorus going sky-high.

Music is about emotions so are Pacific Estate.

Here’s why…

Also on Spotify


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