Canadian 3-Guitar Team THE NORTHWEST Wants To Survive – Hear New Single ‘SHORELINE’ Here

New striking strokes

11 May 2022

Who: 3-Guitar Heartland Rock with a little
Canadiana and a lot of riffs. Formed in 2013

Releases: Debut EP (2013) and
Songs From 2015-2017 EP (2018)

New single: SHORELINE

“‘Shoreline’ was inspired by an episode of the show Band Of Brothers. It’s a song about commitment to a cause and banding together to make it through a difficult time and
place. It may end but we are going all in to fight another day”.

Turn Up The Volume: A band formed to call it a day sometime, but not yet. Enter this new galvanized ripsnorter. Electric-powered, flat-out rolling, and gloriously melodic. Somewhere between the fervid flow of Band Of Horses and Dinosur Jr. in overdrive. Kicky stuff, ladies and gents. Definitely enough to survive, to my ears.

Tune in here…

THE NORTHWEST: Facebook – Spotify

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